Helping mid- and late-career professionals and executives transition into a mindful and fulfilling next chapter in life.

Are you feeling anxious about your upcoming retirement, or are considering early retirement to pursue a new career or passion? Have you already retired but feel lost or depressed? Are you fed up in your current job or career, and feel that it is time to pursue your lifelong dreams?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I invite you to contact me or to join my exclusive email community, where I share weekly tips and inspirations on personal change management, career change, active retirement, mindfulness, and life purpose.

My coaching services focus on the transitions that are triggered by the inevitable cycle of change we all go through, especially as we get older and begin to wonder what our next chapter will be like. In addition to using evidence-based tools and assessments, I help my clients explore their favorite mindfulness practices and use them effectively in balancing rational thinking with intuitive conviction.